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• Are you a home owner who wants a beautiful
more healthy property for your family & pets?

• Are you a business owner who wants to
adopt a refreshing "green" business practice?

• Are you a gardener who is looking for sustainably
sourced garden products? If so, the answer is here!

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The times are changing. Consumers & entrepreneurs everywhere are being bombarded with symbols of a "green" trend, but what does sustainability really mean? As a leading example of the new truly "Green" business, we feel its our duty to discuss the important difference between talking that "green" talk & walking that "green" walk.



Natural Harmonics provides environmentally sustainable landscape design, creation, & maintenance to the Halifax Regional Municipality. Our landscaping is always as environmentally sustainable as we can possibly make it, due to our design and installation principles, as well as, our use of only Eco-friendly products. Our methods are not only healthy for you, your family and nature, but have the advantage of saving you time and money as well!


Products & Market

At Natural Harmonics we believe that there are vibrant and sustainable solutions to all of your landscaping & garden needs. These include compostable decor plant pots, organic vegetable and herb transplants, earthworm castings, heirloom seeds, seaweed fertilizers and more! So visit us at the market or peruse this site and take advantage of our product delivery service.


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Check back to this link often to check for special deals, sustainability and gardening tips, as well as photos of jobs as we finish them! Don't forgot to join us on Facebook and Twitter and to tell your friends and neighbors about us. As none of us lives in an isolated space, spreading sustainability around can only benefit everyone!

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